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The Making of Mindy

Today she's a nationally-renowned voiceover actor, sought by major shows and advertisers.

But once upon a time, Mindy Baer was just a girl who heard the same thing: “You’ve got a BEAUTIFUL voice!” (Which was nice). But what Mindy REALLY wanted was long legs. She took her disappointment – and that VOICE – and rolled with it. Now, clients from NBC’s Today Show to PBS documentaries, Home Shopping Network to Office Depot, Midas Muffler, Royal Caribbean … and many, many more have chosen Mindy’s distinctive sound to represent their vision.

Mindy's also had a run-in with Howard Stern (ask her about it).

Mindy’s incredible voice has graced South Florida and national airwaves for over two decades. As a morning show star, she spent most of her time on Arbitron-rated #1 stations, starting on Power 96 with “Tanner in the Morning,” followed by Hot 105 with “The Mindy & Malo Show. ” She returned to Power 96 with “Get Up and Go with Mindy and Bo” – the first FM morning show in a major market to star two women. Her politically-incorrect and hilarious on-air character, ‘Carmen Gonzalez,’ who sometimes made appearances during Mindy’s broadcasts, was entirely her ad-lib creation.

Mindy's the same at home and in the booth.

After growing up in South Florida, Mindy graduated Tulane University with a Bachelor of Arts in 1985 and went on to study Broadcast Journalism at New York University. She’s mom to three incredible young women and three amazing stepsons (whew!). She and her radiologist husband, Donald Puller, have been in a loving marriage for nearly a decade.

Mindy’s also scuba dive certified and ready for ADVENTURE (which sometimes means binge-watching TV)!

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In the beginning...

The odds may have been against me since Day 1.


Food. Food. FOOD!

So many diets…now I know why!


The Scouting years

I always thought that being a Brownie meant something else… like the desserts, and not the merit badges! Sadly, I’m a Girl Scout dropout. 🙁


POWER 96 is born!

Mindy and the original Power96 crew

mindy baer voiceover artist

Just a girl and her hair

32 psi and hurricane-proof.

mindy baer voiceover artist

The Mindy & Malo years...

Mindy &  Malo (“The Bad One”)


Marriage, Take 1

My first husband, and the father of my fantastic children – yes he was awesome, and he still is!

mindy baer voiceover artist

Oprah. That's all...

Me and the BIG O!!!


Mindy's a MOM

The toughest and BEST job there is. Me as a mom!

mindy baer voiceover artist

The Mindy & Bo Show

Bo and I were the first female morning drive-time team in the country in a major market.

mindy baer voiceover artist

History MADE

If you’re an old-school South Florida radio listener, then you know Mindy & Bo…


And I met him online...

Pinching myself at how lucky I am (of course, he’s lucky too, and I tell him at least 3 times a day!)


And now...

So lucky, so blessed. Who woulda thunk? Love him madly!


Just my mom and me

She’s the original badass beauty. The first feminist I ever knew, and my best fan, and worst critic!


Daughter Squad

I like to think we clean up pretty nice… 😉



I love to travel, but hate to fly. Let’s go anywhere, and do the fun things when we arrive…! Hiking in the mountains, looking forward to a fabulous dinner 🙂

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